Edge Stitch Joining Foot for Singer Sewing Machine

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The edge stitch foot(often used for “Stitch-in-the-Ditch” makes it easier to topstitch close to an edge or to stitch two adjacent fabric pieces together. For example, run lace trim along the center guide tongue of the foot to easily sew it onto table linens.

Great for……

•Traditional edge-binding
•Blind applique
•Madeira applique
•Heirloom sewing, attaching lace to entredeux
•Heirloom sewing, attaching lace to fabric
•Heirloom sewing, attaching lace to lace
•Designer hems
•Hemstitched hems
•Tucked and topstitched seams
•Bubble tucks
•Corded tucks
•Cross tucks


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