JUKI LH-3578A-S Semi-Dry-Head 2-Needle, Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine With Table and Servo Motor

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A thread tension control mechanism has been developed for each type of sewing machine in order to achieve the best-suited thread tension for its purpose.

The presser foot can be lifted by a minute amount by adjusting the eccentric pin located in the presser lifter lever section. When sewing shaggy and elastic fabrics, the load applied to the material is reduced by slightly lifting the presser foot. Materials are handled more easily and are finished without sacrificing the inherent texture of the material.

The operator is notified that the bobbin needs to be replaced before the bobbin thread runs out. Since the operator is notified of the time to replace the bobbin, the operator is no longer required to carry out the re-sewing of seams sewn without bobbin thread, thereby increasing working efficiency. In addition, the operator carries out his/her work under a stress-free environment without worrying about needle-hole damage to the material, which is likely to be made when sewing without bobbin thread


  • Application:  Medium-weight
  • Organized Split Needle Bar Mechanism:  Provided as Standard
  • Hook:  Vertical Axis Regular Hook
  • Lubrication:  Semi-dry/hook section: Minute Quantity Lubrication
  • Max. Sewing Speed:  3,000 Stitches per Minute
  • Distance from needle to Machine Arm:  120mm x 266mm x 87mm
  • Max. Stitch Length:  5mm
  • Needle Bar Stroke:  33.4mm
  • Thread Take-Up:  Slide Type
  • Lift of the Presser Foot by Hand:  7mm
  • Lift of the Presser Foot by Knee:  13mm
  • Oiling Method:  Eco-oil Method (Circulation Type), Clean oil Method
  • Tank Capacity:  280cm³
  • Lubricating Oil:  Juki New Defrix Oil no.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
  • Needle:  DPx5(#14) #9~#16
  • Machine Head Weight:  48kg


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