Juki DDL-9000-C SMS Series Industrial Sewing Machines with Table and Motor.


Juki DDL-9000-C SMS Series Industrial Sewing Machines with Table and Motor.


The JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS is a FULL AUTOMATIC single needle lockstitch sewing machine most widely used for light to medium weight materials. Ideal for sewing shirts, pants, dresses, workwear, childrenswear and many other clothing articles made of cottons and knits.

Automated functions such as start and end back tacks, auto thread trimming and auto foot lift drastically improve speed, efficiency and production volume – while at the same time protecting the operator from unnecessary fatigue.

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Juki DDL-9000C Series Industrial Heavy Duty Sewing Machines with Table and Motor – DDL-9000C-SMS or DDL-9000C-FMS

JUKI has digitalized the drive mechanism of the sewing machine which determines the “seam” quality, JUKI launches the new “direct-drive, high-speed, lockstitch sewing system with automatic thread trimmer” DDL-9000CF.This is the newest flagship lockstitch machine. Digitalized vertically- and horizontally-driven feed mechanism allows easy adjustment of settings such as the feed locus only on the operation panel according to the material to be sewn.Thanks to the digitalization, Optimum adjustment values required to produce high-quality seams can be stored, on a material-by-material basis, in memory and can be reproduced wi th ease. For sewing plants which produce diversified products using diversified materials, this feature is quite helpful to achieve stable seam quality.


Type Full Digital Type Digital Type
Application Medium-weight Heavy-weight Medium-weight Heavy-weight
Lubrication Fully-dry head type Semi-dry Minute-quantity lubrication Semi-dry Minute-quantity lubrication
Max. sewing speed 4,000sti/min 5,000sti/min*1 4,500sti/min*2 5,000sti/min*1 4,500sti/min*2
Max. stitch length 5mm
Needle*3 DB×1・DB×5(#11) #9~#18(Nm65~110) DB×1・DB×5(#21)#20~23(Nm125~160) DB×1・DB×5(#11)#9~18(Nm65~110) DB×1・DB×5(#21)#20~23(Nm125~160)
Lift of the presser foot By hand:5.5mm, By knee:15mm, Auto: 1st stage5.0mm(※0.1~8.5mm),
2nd stage8.5mm(※8.5mm~13.5mm) ※Adjustable on the operation panel

*1Stitch length of 4.00 mm or less: 5,000 sti/min; Stitch length of 4,05 – 5.00 mm: 4,000 sti/min
*2Stitch length of 4.00 or less: 4,500sti/min; Stitch length of 4.05 – 5.00mm: 4,000sti/min
*3Differs on a destination-by-destination basis



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