Wiss 20N Heavy Duty Industrial Shears


Wiss 20N Heavy Duty Industrial Shears


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These English polished steel shears undergo more than 20 steps in the manufacturing process. The eleventh generation family business that makes these scissors uses only salt-bath hardening methods – not slot-furnace flame hardening, which only hardens the outside – to harden the product all the way through. The top ranges of the shears feature a high-grade steel and the blades are hot forged and chrome plated for corrosion protection along the inside edge. High carbon steel offset handles and machine pivot screw.

The sidebent design has evolved over the years to provide a cleaner cut when the scissors are run under a bolt of cloth. They keep the fabric as still as possible, unlike a pair of straight trimmers. Each model of scissors offered by the company is designed according to a particular purpose. Paper scissors, for example, have long blades and short handles, while leather shears have short blades and long handles to provide enough force with which to cut through denser materials


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